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The Style Buff is a premier classic and casual fashion, culture and lifestyle magazine dedicated to providing readers with the latest news catered to gentlemen. From the latest product reviews and style highlights to grooming and etiquette, we’ve got it all covered time by time. Our goal is to inform, educate, inspire, and most importantly, initiate passion. Our categories are as follows:

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Wandering: Travel, Outdoor life and City Guides

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Gianni Fontana

When I decided to open my first blog, several years ago, my intention was to represent the menswear style and lifestyle from the Italian point of view. A kind of observer that selects e spreads. That’s why I’ve chosen the name The Style Buff: the word buff was originally applied to enthusiastic fire-watchers, because of the buff uniforms formerly worn by New York volunteer firemen; now informally used to define a person who is enthusiastically interested in and very knowledgeable about a particular subject.

Milan, where I live, offers a frenzied life. This city is at the crossroads of business, style and art. As Italy all is actually. Being Italian maybe we do not feel the difference, but I think we have that kind of attitude for the esthetic sense. Perhaps it inherited from our long history.

In any case the day flows according to the classic formula work, leisure and rest. Travelling frequently is the case where this rule is broken.

Gianni Fontana Editor in Chief

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